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The Canatuan
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TVI Pacific Inc. was the operator of the Canatuan gold-silver/copper-zinc mine located in the Philippines from 2004 to 2013.  The Canatuan mine was the first foreign-invested mine to reach production after the passage of the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 and showcased management’s ability to develop and operate mines with low capex in challenging locations with award-winning safety, environmental and social performance.

The Company is now focused on repeating its success  at Canatuan by searching for new resource opportunities in the Asia Pacific Region with the assistance of its Project Advisory Group. TVI is currently evaluating the Cirianiu Gold Project located in Fiji for possible investment.

Resource Acquisition and Development Strategy

Management’s resource acquisition and development strategy is centered around the idea of Bootstrap Growth:

  • Acquire or joint venture with companies on resource deposits that may have a modest initial resource size but with the potential for significant resource growth
  • Begin operations as quickly as possible to generate revenues and cash flow
  • Use cash flows from operations to fund further exploration to grow the resource and expand operations

Benefits of the Bootstrap Growth Strategy include:

  • Low upfront capital expenditures – lower risk
  • No or minimal dilution to shareholders as growth is self-financed
  • Demonstration to local communities and government entities the economic and social benefits reaped from the operations to ensure local support for expanded operations